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Terms and Conditions
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Booking and deposit:

Booking will come into effect on receipt of the 20% deposit of the price of the rental, sent by normal mail or registered mail.


The balance for the price of the rental shall be paid at least 15 days prior to the beginning of the rental by normal mail or registered mail.

Hand over of the keys:

On receipt of the balance of the rental, we shall send you a letter for the caretaker of the building.

The keys of the apartment and of the ski cabinet will be handed over to you by the caretaker (Mrs Lejeune) against the letter on the relevant Saturday from 4.30 pm.

Please, do not forget to hand over the keys to Mrs Lejeune on the Saturday of your departure before 10.30 am.

The lodge of the caretaker is located in the “Bâtiment B (the large building).


We hope that you will be satisfied by the state of cleanliness in which you find the apartment.

If this is not the case, please inform us of the problem immediately.

You are responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment on your departure.

Our housecleaner can, against payment (50€), take care of the cleaning of the apartment for you.

Sheets and under sheets:

Please, bring your own sheets as these are not provided.

Each bed is covered by an under sheet and a sheet. These are provided for the protection of mattresses and are not changed between rentals.

Should a sheet or an under sheet get soiled, please clean them (A washing machine and a dryer are placed at your disposal).


Should any problem arise during your rental, please let us know by calling on:

Please let us know, particularly, in the case of an accidental breakage of damage to the equipment, Should you be responsible, we will ask you to pay for the damage to the corresponding value of the damaged or destroyed objects.

Inventory of fixtures:

You shall receive a list of all the objects found in the apartment.

Please check this list on your arrival and let us know if any object is missing or damaged.


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